Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid.
All you need is
Already in you.
You do not know it yet,
But it will become clear.
Others on the way will teach you.
God will show you the way.
Trust, believe.
Do not be afraid.
Someone who has been waiting for you forever
Will take your hand.
All your needs will be met
Even before you have to ask.
Let go of your illusion of control.
Let go, leave God.
Trust, believe.

Do not be afraid.
When finally after your long walk
You will look at the magnificent cathedral
Your whole being will sing.
Your fears, anxieties doubts and discomforts
Will be transformed into a deep joy.
Do not be afraid. Let yourself be loved.
Trust, believe.
The path continues even after Compostela.

Linda Magher
juillet 2007