You know the person I love

I, God, I love all men and women,
That's understandable, since it's me who made them.
Besides, I made them for my taste.
You have to wonder why I chose you.
I love you because of your qualities and your faults.
I love you because of your miseries and your magnitudes.
I love you because everything pleases me in you.

I, God, that's how I love you.
Your least worries and your joys interest me.
I do not get tired of hearing about you,
Of your projects, your desires ...
I like to watch you laugh and cry.
I like being with you, always.
Are you going to understand that I love you as you are?
And that I ask you to love me
With the heart that I gave you ...

Le bonheur, c’est pour toi
Montreal, Ed. Paulines,
1985, n.11